Win An Apple iPad Air With Mindmate

We've teamed up with MindMate and the #NHSHereForYou campaign, to make sure we're all talking about mental health, and giving you the chance to win an iPad Air for telling us how you manage yours.


What is MindMate?

Sometimes things get on top of us. If you ever feel like you can’t cope, are feeling alone, really down or worried, the NHS in Leeds want you to find the right support - and that is exactly where MindMate comes in.

The MindMate website has lots of really useful information on a range of mental health issues like self-image, self-harm and eating disorders. You can find local services to help you, top tips on how to cope with certain feelings, get the lowdown on staying safe with alcohol and surfing the web, or even take some time out and play some MindMate games.

If you ever feel like you are in a crisis and can’t see a way out, speak to somebody straight away and make sure you’re not on your own. That could be a parent, friend, teacher or you can phone one of the helplines on the MindMate website to talk to someone anonymously.


Share Your Mental Health Story & Win An iPad

With everything going on in the world right now, how we look after our mental health is being talked about a lot - as saying how you are feeling is really important.

We've joined forces with MindMate to give you the chance to win an Apple iPad Air by sharing your story on how you are managing your mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You could have ditched social media at the weekends, put all your energy into sport, taken up a new hobby or found that spending more time with your mates and family helped keep your mind at ease - whatever you've been doing, let us know for your chance to win.


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Unfortunately, this promotion has now ended.

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